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Story Terrace is a producer of personalized, private books, who commissioned me to work with clients from their office in London. I’ve had assignments from Story Terrace writing about twenty to thirty thousand words, sometimes taking months to put together over a heap of different personal interviews. It’s a fantastic experience.

Typically, in my experience, the books come either as gift from family, or are bought by someone trying to tell a story of their life, who doesn’t feel able to do it themselves. More often than not, these people have had fantastically interesting lives. They’re often relatively late into life and talking about some of the deeper connections they’ve made, and the experiences that shape them. At times, quite personally philosophical, too.

Every book produced was private and belongs to the person who commissioned it and not credited by name, but assigned in some other, less explicit way. I don’t mind, at all: these stories are often some of the more interesting ones written, and intensely personal with people from the armed forces, health service or financial sector in the City of London.