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A Separate Little War

The Banff Coastal Command Strike Wing Versus the Kriegsmarine and Luftwaffe 1944-1945

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Details all the varied and dynamic operations at sea carried out by RAF Coastal Commands Mosquito Strike Wing, based at Banff northeast Scotland during the last nine months of the Second World War against the U-boats, merchantman, and German Navy in Scandinavian coastal waters and fjords. Many pivotal and memorable events enliven the history of the sea-lanes during the Second World War. Battles with flak ships and U-boats are brought to the fore, and experiences of the RAF pilots of Mosquitos, Beaufighters, Mustangs, and Warwick’s but also those of targeted U-boat crews and rescuers of RAF airmen behind enemy lines. In scenes reminiscent of ‘Das Boot’ German U-boat commanders and crews tell of their fears and experiences with first-hand accounts while under rocket attack and cannon fire from above by Mosquitoes during the dying days of the Second World War.


"A very interesting book; just long enough without running on and on, covering a subject that has not received it’s share of the limelight and a good selection of photos.”

Ken Ellis, Flypast Magazine

It’s the human day to day stories that give colour to this little covered subject, some sad, some humorous, but all capture the pace and tension of what it was like to serve in a Coastal Command Mosquito Strike Wing in the last nine months of World War II. Its a cracking read and is highly recommended.

Steve Doughty, Mail on Sunday

Heck of a thing, to fly a Mosquito 50 ft. off the water to attack heavily defended shipping and fly home to Scotland. Fascinating story.

American AirSpace Magazine

A most interesting book . . . And a vital one on this fascinating episode of the war in the air with RAF Coastal Command.

RAF Historical Society Journal

A Separate Little War is a real gold mine and fully recommended

R J Marchant, Aviation News

A hitherto unwritten element of the Second World War, it is the most marvellously comprehensive historical record of Max Aitken’s RAF Banff Strike Wing which will remain as the definitive history.

Lord Beaverbrook