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A Separate Little War

Grub Street Publishing 2003
© Andrew D. Bird

The Portreath Mosquito Wing unit of 235 and 248 Squadrons eventually moved north to Banff, near Elgin, Scotland, where in September 1944 they were joined by the Norwegian crewed Mosquitoes of 333 Squadron ‘B’ Flight to forma coastal fighter wing under the ebullient Gp Capt Max Aitken DSO DFC. Akin was a very skilful day and night-fighter pilot with 14½ victories.

Leading the Banff Wing to great success against both shipping and aircraft, Aitken noted that: “The Mosquito was a true sensation! It was unquestionably a better strike aircraft in which to take on enemy fighters. German Luftwaffe fighter pilots knew they were out-manoeuvred by a Mosquito, a well-aimed burst from its enormous fire power would blast them out of the sky.”