Andrew has written engaging an authoritative take on a historical subjects about 20th Century conflicts, he’s also ghost written biographies on establishment figures in the military, finance, and politics.

Disaster Over Bracklesham

With the Battle of Britain at its height, ‘home’ for personnel of ‘A’ Flight, 235 Squadron, was the RAF airfield at Thorney Island near Chichester in West Sussex. Formed in October 1939 and operating in the ‘coastal fighter’ role, 235 Sqn were equipped with Bristol Blenheim IVfs, engaged on fighter and shipping protection. Its main… Read more »

Taking The Queens shilling – Bertie Price

Being a soldier, there’s nothing like it you know, not in any other walk of life. You can be a policeman, a miner, a nurse, and in all those you give service to the public but basically you’re free. Where as in this [Army] life you are and you’ve got to be entirely dedicated. You… Read more »

Grey Mornings, Black Skies (work in progress)

‘Colder than my ex-girlfriend’s kiss,’ Squadron Leader Clayton-Graham muttered, shuffling his feet and rubbing his hands. ‘I don’t know,’ Max Aitken replied. His own hands were pushed deep into the pockets of his great coat. It was 3 p.m. on a winter’s afternoon, and the light was fading fast on the airfield. Faces sometimes appeared… Read more »


The RAF Regiment men were on patrol were debussed out of their vehicles, observing, and watching the area carefully. At the same time a young lad in his early teens was pushing a wheelbarrow laden with paper towards them; in those rural areas, full wheelbarrows were a common sight. The explosion was massive and deadly…. Read more »

Coastal Dawn

A startled group of women turned their faces skywards as an open cockpit Miles Magister trainer sped past. In the front sat a figure wearing a thick RAF greatcoat and a forage cap and goggles, in the rear flying suit, helmet and goggles were worn, on this morning in the winter of 1939. Pilot Officer… Read more »

A Separate Little War

The Portreath Mosquito Wing unit of 235 and 248 Squadrons eventually moved north to Banff, near Elgin, Scotland, where in September 1944 they were joined by the Norwegian crewed Mosquitoes of 333 Squadron ‘B’ Flight to forma coastal fighter wing under the ebullient Gp Capt Max Aitken DSO DFC. Akin was a very skilful day… Read more »

Autobiography Ghost Writer

Andrew was a delightful person. We had six sessions which he recorded. He then made one or two drafts. Overall experience 10 out of 10.” BHB   image not of jacket cover