I’ve written a number of articles about the war which I’ll post here.
Two examples of the outlines I wrote for both my Costal Command books are hopefully a taster rather than a substitute.

St Patrick’s Hall

University Partnership Programme (UPP) is the UK’s leading provider of on-campus residential and academic accommodation that includes sites at Reading University: UPP had designed new building’s for the St Patrick’s Hall site however, UPP wanted to understand in a historical context the existing buildings roll in the First World War and their use by RAF … Read more …

Heroes of Coastal Command

Heroes of Coastal Command makes the reader think again about the RAF’s maritime arm, Coastal Command, which was established in 1936. Throughout the war, its crews worked tirelessly alongside the Royal Navy to keep Britain’s vital sea lanes open. Together, they fought and won the Battle of the Atlantic, with RAF aircraft destroying 212 German … Read more …

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Historically research within an extremely tight deadline, then supply written content on Prince Phillip’s naval service for use in London based broadsheet editorial weekend edition for their feature writer.