Berlin Airlift

Berlin Airlift is a knife-edge story of Dakotas delivering loads to Berlin, but crucially, the build-up, as the stakes rose higher and higher. Follow the fortunes of pilots and aircrew from the RAF, Commonwealth, and their passengers, this is a blistering narrative of one of the most critical periods of Germany post-war period, one that… Read more »

Heroes of Coastal Command

Often working alone and unsupported, undertaking long patrols out over opens seas, Coastal Command bred a special kind of airman. Alongside individuals such Lloyd Trigg, who was awarded the Victoria Cross; Roger Moorwood, a Blenheim pilot who flew in the Battle of France; Jack Davenport, who flew his Hampden; John Watson, the sole survivor of… Read more »

A Separate Little War

Details all the varied and dynamic operations at sea carried out by RAF Coastal Commands Mosquito Strike Wing, based at Banff northeast Scotland during the last nine months of the Second World War against the U-boats, merchantman, and German Navy in Scandinavian coastal waters and fjords. Many pivotal and memorable events enliven the history of… Read more »

Coastal Dawn

Seven months that changed history April to October 1940: The German invasion of Norway in April saw their Blitzkrieg continue into France and the Low Countries in May 1940 it was unlike any thing the world had ever seen. Hitting with a force and aggression that no-one could counter and within a few short weeks, all in… Read more »

Aviator Extraordinaire

Ghost Writer of the first four chapters of Aviator Extraordinaire. “At Cambridge, as an undergraduate of St John’s, I realised that, more than anything else, I wanted to fly.”A lifelong fascination and love of flying and aircrafts is fuel for this engaging autobiography by G J Christopher Paul, CB, DFC; a man bitten by the… Read more »