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In the social turmoil of present times, we need stories, and music which heals the soul, restoring the calm. Andrew his best-selling author of  A Separate Little War, and Heroes of Coastal Command and has ghost written a cluster of military biographies for clients of Story Terrace a London based entrepreneurial company that captures peoples life stories.

Andrew is a master of distinctly blending handcrafted words – into stories that move us and continue to win over audiences internationally.

Born in Berkshire, as a three-year-old, Andrew first picked up a pencil and began to draw. Twelve years later he was selling his finished artwork, yet he was unable to get into art college. Moving into graphic design he worked out of Henley in Oxfordshire and had an eclectic client base. Signing a book deal with independent publisher Grub Street for A Separate Little War which has continually been published. Andrew then signed a deal with Pen & Sword for Heroes of Coastal Command  shortly afterwards moving to Pembrokeshire, where he currently resides.

Aged fifty Andrew was diagnosed as being dyslexic.

‘As a multi-faceted artist I need to recalibrate continually. Solitude and quiet, in a noisy world, are elements I craved and now enjoy.’

He is widely regarded to be authoritative on the maritime air war over European waters, in particular the RAF Strike Wing Campaign over Scandinavia. The 1990’s saw Andrew interviewing Maritime Strike aircrews, and ground staff then interviewed U-boat commanders and Luftwaffe pilots based in Norway with JG.5 that intercepted the RAF’s maritime force in 1944/45.

Naturally, it makes sense to engage in a piece of work on The Maritime Air War there are some intimate conversations between myself and the veterans which they kindly told for the very first time. So, I’m striping it down, then giving a voice to the fighting men of the Kriegsmarine, U-boatmen and Luftwaffe.

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