Andrew is a historian and writer.

Combined a graphic design career with being a Royal Auxiliary Air Force Reservist he has published books mainly on the RAF’s Maritime Air War in the Second World War.

He has presented – acted as lead researcher – for television programmes and series on the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Forces News.

He is currently finishing a new narrative account of the airlift in Berlin, Germany (‘The Lift – Building a Nation 1945 -1949’) due for publication in 2022. Also in the pipeline is a new account of the Maritime Air War campaign against Axis trade along the Norwegian coast (Mosquito 633), an account of the European Maritime Air War in the Second World War, then a story of the RAF’s maritime role between 1936 and 2019 and a biography on New Zealander Henry Hector Bolitho who served with Bloomsbury insider David ‘Bunny’ Garnett, then transferring to maritime command at Eastbury Park, Northwood in London.

He has also won Museums + Heritage Awards for his exhibition design work for ‘Legacy of Valour’ (2016) a community heritage project funded by HLF and local Punjabi community living in Berkshire, highlighting the contribution made by Sikhs and other Indian soldiers and airmen in the First World War. The second was ‘Pilots of the Caribbean’: Volunteers of African Heritage in the Royal Air Force (2015). Highlighting the RAF’s success in embracing integration and shows how the richly diverse nature of modern Britain owes much to the Black men and women who wore air force blue.

Andrew has also volunteered his time to RAF Wales (2020 – 2021) to research the biographies of 6o Welsh pilots that fought in the Battle of Britain in conjunction with the Air Historical Branch and other agencies.

Andrew is currently seeking a literary agent or agency.

If you wish to engage Andrew to speak or to talk to him about his research or books please contact him.


Content Delivery

Andrew blends concepts and stories that deliver a fresh narrative in a compelling way spanning print, digital, web, social, AV and exhibitions.


Researches many rich and diverse individuals then distinctly constructs and blends their back stories to deliver a fresh narrative in a compelling way for clients.

Ghost Writing

Andrew ghost writes short novels on an individual in your circle that tells their story. Tailored to your specific request. He carrys out a number of scheduled interviews with the person, then writes, researches and interprets their life story along with chosen images. Four print hardback or softback copies plus a digital copy of their book.

Conflict Research

Andrew provides an expert consultancy service for research into conflict for authors, digital and printed media, film and games production companies along with the military heritage tourism industry providing a compelling narrative for the client.

Recent Projects

Royal Air Force

Welsh Battle of Britain Aircrew – 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain

Eighty years ago, roughly 3,000 airmen were awarded then entitled to wear the bronze inscribed Battle of Britain clasp on their 1939-1945 Star campaign medal. The individuals had to have flown at least one sortie between 00.01 hours on Wednesday 10 July 1940 and Thursday 31 October 1940.

British aircrew that fought in the campaign numbered 2,353 roughly eighty percent of the number involved in the fight, with 407 Britons killed from a total of 510 losses. However, eighty years ago there was a broad sweep with national identity being expressed as British there was little representation of the aircrews origin.

The Royal Air Force commissioned Andrew prior to the 80th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain to identify Welsh aircrew. Through primary research and collaboration with Air Commodore Dai Williams and the Air Historical Branch, once identified as of Welsh heritage to then explore their stories many of which will not be familiar to the Welsh public.


Criw Awyr Brwydr Prydain yng Nghymru – Pen-blwydd Brwydr Prydain yn 80 oed

Wyth deg mlynedd yn ôl, dyfarnwyd oddeutu 3,000 o awyrenwyr yr hawl i wisgo’r clasp efydd Brwydr Prydain ar ei fedal ymgyrch Seren 1939-1945. Roedd yn rhaid i’r unigolion fod wedi hedfan o leiaf un sortie rhwng 00.01 awr ddydd Mercher 10 Gorffennaf 1940 a dydd Iau 31 Hydref 1940.

Roedd criw awyr Prydain a ymladdodd yn yr ymgyrch yn rhifo 2,353 tua wyth deg y cant o’r nifer a fu’n rhan o’r ymladd, gyda 407 o Brydeinwyr wedi’u lladd o gyfanswm o 510 o golledion. Fodd bynnag, wyth deg mlynedd yn ôl bu ysgubol eang gyda hunaniaeth genedlaethol yn cael ei mynegi fel Prydeiniwr prin oedd y gynrychiolaeth o darddiad y peiriannau awyr.

Comisiynodd yr Awyrlu Brenhinol Andrew cyn 80 mlynedd ers Brwydr Prydain i nodi criw awyr Cymru. Trwy ymchwil sylfaenol a chydweithio â’r Air Commodore Dai Williams a’r Gangen Hanesyddol Awyr, a nodwyd unwaith fel treftadaeth Gymreig i archwilio eu straeon yna ni fydd llawer ohonynt yn gyfarwydd i’r cyhoedd yng Nghymru.

Australian Armed Forces – Royal Australian Air Force

Australian Aircrew Rowing in the 1945 Victory Henley Royal Regatta

With the European War at an end in early June 1945 the Henley Regatta Committee led by chairman Harcourt Gold decided that an interim regatta should be held in either late June or July. A call for crews went out in the media. RAAF responded with Australian rowers pooled from within Britain together with those returning from harrowing experiences as POWs in Europe.

Through primary research and collaboration with the Air Force Historical Directorate in Christchurch, Australia in identifying the rowers Andrew then explores the origin of the regatta then blends in stories of the aircrew to deliver a fresh narrative which may not be familiar to the public.

Royal Air Force Museum London – in association with Peter Devitt RAFM Curator

South Asian Volunteers in the RAF

Seven years previously Andrew researched the six South Asian Volunteers that had joined the RAF to help Britain in the First World War. Pieces were then condensed to feature in an exhibition entitled ‘Legacy of Valour’ launched in August 2015 by Berkshire based Sikh and Indian’s sponsored by Mr Alok Sharma, MP Reading West.

In July 2020 the RAF Museum in London committed itself to highlight the South Asian Volunteers contribution in the RAF. Andrew worked in conjunction with Peter Devitt on the narrative whom he had previously collaborated with on ‘Pilot of the Caribbean’ which was nominated and won Museum + Heritage Best Temporary Exhibition in 2015.